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              [NG] inflatable beach / pool toys

                Dear Sir / Madam
              We are looking for inflatable beach / pool toys in good quality, with product quality certification mark (eg CE), well packed in colored gift box or well packed for retail.
              Colors must be bright and attractive, and products should not release air or deflate by themselves while in use.
              Items of interest include
              Floaters or arm bands in various sizes
              Tubes or rings in various sizes
              Air beds
              Inflatable mattresses
              Various shaped floating rings or tubes
              Floating noodles, normal or inflatable
              All other inflatable toys and accessories for such areas.
              Please advise port of loading and confirm your goods can pass pvoc inspection by eg SGS, for Kenya.
              Please share your current full catalog on

              Quantity :

              * 该买家已加入速样通,价值高于普通询盘,需在线报价后查看买家联系方式。
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