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              [CL] Tent minion

                Dear Suplier
              After our meeting with our client about these projects you had been quoted to Ignacio, so please check below carefully to re-quote accordingly Your best, best final FOB price with loading port, best delivery time and your best packing details to win all these projects with your factory. Therefore please check each attached carefully to quote accordingly.

              Please don't worry about the licence, we have it, so we can do this kind of item.
              All the characteristic what we need for all the items are:

              - The quantity what we need are: 418.800pcs / 628.200pcs / 837.600pcs / 872.500pcs
              - We need FOB unit FOB price with and without pallet price
              - For now we don't have any target price, but obviously we are looking the best price.
              - Packaging requirement.
              - We need all these items with PDQ Display full colour printing packaged as inner inside the master carton.
              - Information of the packing:
              ---> How many master carton do we need to get a container?
              ---> How many container do we need to get all the project?
              The project what we need are:

              Item 1 BACKPACK MINIONS PVC
              - Description: It is a Simple school bag with a heat transfer details in the bag (please, check very carrefully the datasheet)

              Item 2: Container
              - Description: it is a contianer of Tent, please, check very carrefully the datasheet

              Item 3: Tent minion
              - Description: it is a tent in form of the head of minion (check datasheet please)

              Item 4: backpack with waterproof
              - Description: It is a little bag that you can carry in your bag and inside of it cmes a jacket ( Please, check datasheet)

              Item 5: Blastem
              - Description: reversible ball bacpack that you can tansform in a minion (sheck datasheet please)

              Item 6: Backpack with hose drink
              - Description: It is a plastic bag (check datasheet)

              IMPORTANT NOTICES:
              Moulds: Please inform production time to make new moulds. The mould cost must indicated as reference only if in case we need to add extra mould and moulds cost should be included in the unit FOB price. Understand?

              Weight: Please indicate the estimated product weight base on their respective size of each item.

              Packing Pallet: Please quote W/O pallet attached description requested for your ref and must indicate: How many CTN/ pallet, How many layer per pallet, how many and how many pallet need for each qty with and without pallets.

              Packaging requirement: 1pc per foil bag full colour then pack 36pcs & 48pcs into a Display (PDQ) ( Please quote both qty piece per Display as inner) then put into master carton.( attached reference Foil Bag and Display PDQ)

              Please kindly try your best to send your quotation sheet with all details as soon as possible TODAY because we don't have more time to submit your prices to my client.

              Any doubt or question please let me know by my: (To avoid wasting time due to our big different zone time between Chile-China)
              For your understanding, your cooperation, your kind attention thank you and waiting for your quotation promptly.

              Best regards

              Quantity :

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