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              [VN] Swing Ball

                Dear Sir/Madam,
              This is HieuLe from US.
              I'm looking for products with the following specifications:
              Fun cardio game for all ages
              Lightweight plastic ball swings easily without hurting ankles on impact
              Cord is 18" Long and is durable but gentle on legs for added safety
              Ankle ring is 5.5" Diameter slips over most feet easily
              Set of 6 includes 1 each in green, orange, purple, red, royal blue and yellow
              Plastic Type : ABS
              Type : swing ball
              Material : Plastic.
              Does your company have this item? I would like to order in bulk for you give me the price and the most reasonable shipment method and can help me to paste carefully labeled packaging. contact me:
              Thank you for your time

              Quantity :

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