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              buyer inquiry

              [TH] olyhedral Dice Sets gaming dice

              Dear Sir/Madam,
              1. Custom Polyhedral Dice Set [Standard dice set and size]
              2. Customize logo and numeric
              3. Good quality production no bubble no fade.
              4. Material : Resin / Acrylic with effect inside
              5. Effect inside
              6. Sample 5-7 color [1 color 30 sets]
              6. Payment : by PAYPAL
              7. Shipment VIA EMS or TNT to Bangkok, THAILAND
              8. Pls quote Sample price set and mass set price to me
              Please send you Pi with shipment to

              Quantity :

              * 该买家已加入速样通,价值高于普通询盘,需在线报价后查看买家联系方式。
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